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In case you missed it, here is last weeks ‘‘Would You Rather.

Wishing you Safe and Attractive Travels.  Carpe Diem!

Kelly Robinson


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I have asked quite a few people this question over the past few days, and I’ve gotten feedback all over the board.  So I want to ask you, what would you choose?

Wishing you Safe and Attractive Travels.

Carpe Diem!

Kelly Robinson

Would you rather have unlimited cash, or the ability to teleport?

After a week, the votes have been tallied.  I also asked people that I met last week the same question:

In Favor of Cash:

“If you choose teleporting, you skip the journey.  You no longer get to experience traveling from A to B.  And that can be such an amazing part of the journey.  With the money, you get to experience A to B pretty comfortably too.”

In Favor of Teleporting

“If you were the only one in the world with the ability to teleport, it is highly likely that it would bring a you lot of money.

“Imagine being able to do a morning yoga class in India, catch up with a mate over coffee in Australia, grab a gelato in Italy, and be home with the one you love when its time to sleep.”

“Teleport.  Imagine the money you could earn transporting insanely expensive things.  The money it costs to insure large diamonds is crazy.  You’d be saving people thousands if they trusted you.”

“Definitely the money.”  -Hardworking man sitting next to me on the plane to Chicago

What this question ultimately boils down to is pretty simple.  Time vs. Money.  Which is more valuable?  Sure, with money you can buy anything you want, and go anywhere you want.  But don’t you think that would be a burden, having unlimited money?  Imagine the responsibility and obligation that would come over you.  But then again, maybe you’d be motivated to use it for making the world a better place.

Too often people think that if only they had all the money in the world, everything would be fine.  But it is surprising how often those with indispensable incomes are unhappy.  Happiness is peace of mind.  That’s exactly what it is.  You can ease your mind no matter how much money you have.  Don’t believe me? You should see how much happiness exists on the streets of India.  It is inspiring.

Wishing you Safe and Attractive Travels.  Carpe Diem!

Kelly Robinson

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